Sunday, November 20, 2011

Where Am I?

By Brian Wask

In 2050 the Sun will ask the Moon, “Remember the United States?” The Clouds wont weep. It’s a short fall. Guns don’t kill people. People with guns kill people. Get rid of the people and save lives. Government would like people to think they have the extraordinary privilege to vote. People think they decide what and when and how. They make signs and defend the streets. They rally around God-like pundits. They show off guns and bang on drums. What good? The plows are out of ox and the next card is it. Greed has it balls in the mouth of Democracy, and everyone seems to think it’s the little guy’s fault because they grabbed a house they couldn’t afford, after politicians, encouraged by big banks, made it okay for lenders to make promises they knew they couldn’t keep. A lot of people are going to Hell after this mess. The Vikings prevailed.

I don’t blame anyone for this, but I will proceed to call out several types of people whom I believe should take some responsibility. This will get bad, and uncomfortable, for even me. I’m sure I’m in a few of the following types. But it’s something we must all do. First type of people, Clowns. Stop acting like fools, chasing big shoes and makeup. It’s too much by now. There are people who need little shoes. And the size of a clown’s shoe can easily make a dozen little shoes. Stop hiding behind the makeup. There is a reason clowns have to try so hard. Everyone is laughing at them. So they try even harder.

Next. People who get new cell phones every eleven months. Cell Phones are building a mountain in Peru. That’s where they go to die. The life span is a year, tops. Millions end up on the road in a trillion pieces. Plastic everywhere. Even more find themselves in large containers and hoisted on big ships. They travel the Pacific, then dumped like Alaskan crabs onto trucks and taken to the mountain where they settle for good. There is another mountain in the distance. Illuminated by the moon at night it winks a kaleidoscope of colors. It is made of soda bottles.

And people with printers, which I am guilty of. Printers use up too much paper and they don’t seem to care. The paper is made of trees, and the printers don’t even care how much they use. Sometimes a printer will print a whole page with nothing but a number in the bottom right corner. They just keep printing paper with whatever on it. I could do it all day with my printer, as long as it takes. I could buy all the paper, killing all the trees, and print things all day until all the trees are gone. Realistically, I could not do this alone. Perhaps a town, if they dedicated themselves to it, could wipe out all the trees after a few years. I’d watch out for that town. A lot of people these days have nothing better to do.

Religious people don’t have a clue. It’s pretty obvious. I’m confident most of us, including a good chunk of religious people, agree the world would be a better place without religion. But it would not be as interesting, though in spite of it, the world is interesting. And that makes it so. Wolves are a vicious species. They hunt in packs and torment their prey. They jab at each other with taunts preceding the slaughter. They mock humanity. Then they kill. It’s a horrible thing to watch. Terrible, when the prey is a deformed baby left behind by a morally lost band of nomads. There is a purpose for this. I’ve heard.