Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Dispatches From Hurricane Irene: Bunkered Down in Zone C

Saturday, August 27 2011

CC >BW 9:47 Get out of the city. You’ll be blown over. Bloomberg cares about you.

CC 10:53 What’s in your GO bag? This is nuts, crazy

BW 10:54 Don’t Panic. Do you have Cheese?

CC 10:57 Oh my God. You and even Milinda are welcome here at my place. You and your squeeze cheese on your wheat thins. GET OUT!

BW 10:59 Never

CC 11:06 Can you say overreact? Well at least the economy is back after all the fear purchasing.

BW 11:08 Maybe food stores and hardware stores, but the rest are all fucked. Do you think this Cheney’s fault?

CC 11:08 What zone are u in? I’m in zon x71A. Sp I can stay. I pooped in my GO bag.

BW 11:08 Laugh my ass off

BW 11:13 Here comes the rain

CC 11:15 I just see a leaf fall out of a tree and I think I see some garbage in the street.

BW 11:16 That tree is fucked

CC 11:19 I’m going to start drinking heavy now.

BW 11:22 I have to pickup my laundry at noon. Then drink. Its very important I hace clean clothes for the apocalyptic aftermath.

CC 11:40 Yes, must look your best for Irene. Touch base with me every couple hrs so I know u- and I guess Milinda- are okay.

BW 12:04 Copy

BW 3:37 I’m in Zone C

BW 4:10 Her it comes

CC 4:14 My mom’s wig just blew off…

CC 4:21 Going to a hurricane party, expecting ‘snow.’

BW4:21 Have fun.

CC 4:24 Stand by me on ch 3, think you get…?

BW4:25 No

BW5:35 I’m cooking striped bass

BW5:57 I can’t believe people are walking around in this shit. They’re crazy.

CC 6:07 What’s ur drink? I just bought a bottle of black label. Irene’s setting me off.

BW 6:09 Had a few beers. Switching to vodka now

CC 6:16 Just stopped by Willie’s for a cocktail. Ahhhh, remember that room/bar?

CC 8:22 R u okay?

BW 8:24 Drunk, Scared. Eating cheese.

BW 10:39 I went outside. It looked like Blade Runner

BW > OAM 10:46 Are you safe? Here it comes.

OAM 10:49 Raining really hard. How are you?

BW 10:51 We’re great. Bunkered down with food and wine. The rain is heavy.

OAM 10:52 Where are you”

BW 10:52 Hell’s Kitchen

OAM 10:53 Your apt?

BW 10:58 Yes. Holding down the fart

OAM 10:59 Hehe.

BW>CC 11:24 You out the door with your Go bag?

BW 12.53 Waiting

CC 1:07 Think I see you in Times Square. Is Milinda still alive?

BW 1:12 I’m about to pass out. Goodnight Irene.